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COVID-19 Quarantine: the Perfect Time to Take Your Business Online

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It’s easy to despair – COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the global economy and has brought the whole world what feels like a standstill. We can’t go to our place of work, we have to stay at home, and whether you’re thinking of starting a business now or just searching for a way to ensure yours survives, online is the answer. 

Of course, many people have thought about starting an online business or e-commerce store, so why is now the perfect time? Here are 3 reasons why you should start or you’re your business online now, and helpful actionable tips on how to get started.

1. Relying Heavily on Other Countries is Detrimental

eCommerce startup using Australian productsIt is now clear that relying so heavily on other countries to manufacture our products is detrimental. Not only does it take money that could otherwise have been put into our local economy, but it makes our supply chain vulnerable. As soon as part of that supply chain is broken the sellers of those products are put in jeopardy, especially when a bulk of their supplies are stocked in another country. We need to start buying from only Australian suppliers whenever possible, ensuring a strong supply chain within the country while boosting our local economies.

2. You’ve Got Time, and It’s Fast to Get Started

online business websiteSimply put, you’ve got the time. For many of you, you probably never started that online business or store because you have simply been too busy with your full-time job or social commitments, or you’ve held back from taking your brick and mortar store online through lack of time. 

However, now you have time, you can put it into your eCommerce startup. Making a website or store is quick and easy if you know what you’re doing and if you don’t, web designers like our team at Webk are available to get you up and running fast with a website you’ll be proud of.

3. Local People are Looking to Buy

Local Australians want to buy onlineAmazon and other large companies can’t sell non-essentials or are prioritising essentials and running out of them, and this means there is more demand than ever for physical products that can be sourced locally or through independent companies. 

With this higher demand, your business could be much more successful in its first month than it would have been before COVID-19 when people could buy things easily from these large companies and have them shipped over from countries like China. Providing a local supply of products is not only good for the economy but it will benefit the environment by reducing travel miles of products.

How to Get Started

Now, there is more to starting an online business than we can get through here, but to make a good start you should consider:

Start you startup online business1. What you can produce and sell, or what service you can provide

  • what are you good at?
  • what supplies do you have? – Avoid drop-shipping, it largely comes out of China and very few products are shipping from there
  • do you want to supply physical goods or digital, such as online lessons for other people stuck at home?
  • What easily transfers from your established business to online? 

online marketing for your business in Sydney 2. How you’ll market your business

  • how are you going to get your business out to people?
  • check out our search engine marketing (SEM) services to get your online business seen across Australia

startup online store website package in Sydney3. How you’ll set up your online business website

  • there are simple drag and drop sites where you can make your online business website yourself, but if you’re not technical these can be a huge time suck
  • if you aren’t interested in setting up your site yourself, work with a professional. Our team at Webk can design your eCommerce website so that it looks great and it fully functional ready for you to start selling 
  • we provide the perfect website design packages for your startup and you can build it up as your business grows

Its simple, if you have an IDEA, then we can Help!

Don’t let the effects of COVID-19 get the better of you. Use this valuable time to do what you have always wanted and build your eCommerce startup with the perfect website from our web design agency, Webk

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