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Need a New Website? Why a Website Package is Perfect for Your Sydney Business 

Sydney Website Packages

Have you noticed that your website has been looking a little lacklustre lately? Maybe you have competitor-website envy, maybe you’ve noticed your views and conversions are dropping, or maybe you’re making a change in business direction and need a brand-new site. Whatever the reason, you need a new website, and you need it asap. 

Your website is your business’s base online – it’s the place anyone who wants to find out more about you and where they’ll likely decide if they’re interested in doing business with you or not. Visitors only take 5 seconds to make a judgement and decide whether you’re a business that aligns with their likes and values, so if you make the wrong decision, you’ve lost them – and for Sydney small businesses, you’ve got to make your first impression count. 

Instead of trying to find a freelancer designer (or a couple of them) you need to manage, why not purchase a package from an experienced Sydney team? Here are 7 reasons why a website package is the perfect solution for you:

1. Make the best possible first impression

Our team of Sydney-based experts understand what users want to see when they land on your site and make your website as easy to navigate as possible, meaning there are no barriers or hurdles your visitors must jump over. Unless you’re the only company who does what you do Sydney, you are competing directly with your competitors, which means if you give your visitor any reason to choose a competitor, they will. 

2. No cookie-cutter websites 

In a lot of industries, you’ll see nearly all local businesses use the same, or similar, website templates. Instead of purchasing the same or a similar template yourself, have a custom site designed just for you – so you’ll immediately stand out from your competition. 

3. Boost your SEO 

SEO (search engine optimization) can feel like a mystical, intangible thing that only online experts know how to do, but fortunately, there aren’t any hidden secrets. There are a ton of things you can do to help your SEO, but a key piece to gaining the top rankings in Google is to build a site that is optimized from the ground up. 

4. Get a site that can grow with you

All websites made as part of our package are scalable – if you want to add in a new feature, new pages, a new store – anything! – your site will be ready to go.  

5. A whole new site in 30 days – no more

How many stories have you heard of people working with a freelancer or team whose website build just keeps going on, and on, and on? It’s surprisingly common, but our Sydney website packages deliver in just 30 days. Day one starts with a meeting, and day thirty ends with the hand-over. No sudden delays, no mysterious illnesses, just 30 days to a brand-new site. 

6. In-person training on how to manage your new site

Unlike when you buy a new car, we don’t just hand you the keys and send you on your way, we’ll also show you how to drive it. We’ll teach you how to use your site so you won’t be confused or scrambling to find an expert to help next time you want to make an addition or edit your pages. 

7. Enhanced security and site backups

Many business owners don’t think about the worst that can happen… until it does. While we all hope that no one ever tries to hack into our sites, you need enhanced security and site backups to ensure you stay protected. Our Sydney website packages do just that – so if you rely on income from your website, as well as traffic, you won’t lose it. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Sydney website packages, you can click here to learn more. We also offer extremely affordable website management services for Sydney small businesses, which you can learn more about here.

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